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I recently saw the movie Sherlock Holmes and an episode online of HBO’s The Pacific. The title sequences for both of these productions really got my attention. Both are rare treats for movie titles particularly if you are an illustrator like me! I love the loose, animated, illustrative feel of both and the way both bring images to life from those expressions, yet each achieves it in a very different style. The Pacific title is reminiscent of a World War II combat artist working on a charcoal drawing. At points, as the charcoal flakes and crumbles you are transported to scenes of combat that mirror the effect. The drawings being created are overlaid and blended with photographic stills and live action. Just excellent!

The Pacific – title sequence
The Pacific – title sequence

This sequence from Sherlock Holmes is a series of pen and ink style illustrations on a parchment-like background. As an animated effect of watercolor diffusion takes place the art is also blended with actual photographic stills and embellished by handwritten credits. Very cool, very 19th century.

Sherlock Holmes – End Title Sequence
Sherlock Holmes End Title Sequence

I’ve watched both over and over savoring the effects. I’ve posted links below to both clips so take a look. My thanks to Art of the Title Sequence for great coverage on both titles. Their name kept coming up as I searched for material on these titles.

The Pacific – http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/the-pacific/

Sherlock Holmes – http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/sherlock-holmes/

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