I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working in and around the Greenville, SC and Upstate area. I’ve helped not only a variety of clientele from the Upstate but also from outlying areas as far as North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri and New York. Much of my nearly 30 years experience has been in industrial and business to business related marketing (B2B). I’ve worked on both the client side and agency side designing¬†corporate identities, brochures, websites, trade exhibits, packaging and more. I’ve also produced illustration for many of those same clients. My first love was drawing, painting, and illustration, but once I got a taste of design, my interests quickly expanded to include that as well. Regardless of the medium, I have a love and passion for what I do.

Your Goals are My Goals

My goal is to provide attractive, effective design that works¬†for you and your business, however, the marketing goals of any business should drive its graphics. Design that’s creative and attractive is a good first step but it isn’t always enough. Design can meet those criteria and still be off the mark for your business. If a design doesn’t communicate your brand and help move your business forward it doesn’t work, pure and simple.

As someone who has hired freelance artists myself, I realized early on that consistency and reliability is as important as design skills. In addition to providing effective, quality design work, I strive to follow through on the time and deliverable commitments I make to my clients. In the end those things make my business successful too.

My Team

I am a one-man shop and when you work with me you always get MY design work, not someone elses. I am the brand behind what I do. I have no employees. At times other expert sources may be used to supply certain elements of the project at hand, but I am always the designer.


My business team is, quite simply, my God and me. Christ purchased me with His blood and is my CEO. He is in the lead and at the center of all I am, all I have and all that I do. Any success is by His Grace and for His Glory. Romans 11:36

Get in Touch

Contact me at steve@stevemitchelldesign.com