Rose Botanical Workshop Now Open

Hello everyone. Week three and the second part of the Strathmore Online Workshop is under way. We’re working on a realistic botanical painting of a rose. In this one we’ll get into a good bit of subtle blending and glazing. Hope to see you over there.


Watercolor Basics Playlist Guide

I’m often asked by beginners if I have any order or steps to viewing my videos. Well, not really. I started my channel as a way to post random tips and techniques and its a scatter shot approach. But now, almost 2 years later, I have enough videos that I can kind of direct you to the basics, at least in a more useful way. YouTube Playlists make this easier. So i’ve gone back and rearranged one of my first ever playlists in an order that might be helpful for first time watercolorists. Its not comprehensive mind you, so may not teach you everything you need to learn from start to finish, but it definitely has plenty to get you moving and I hope you beginners (or anyone wishing to review) find it helpful.

Here is a synopsis of the episodes, numbered as they appear in the playlist.


1-5: These 4 videos deal with picking your basic supplies. What you need to know, useful tips and even my own personal favorites as you gear up to paint.


6-10: I call these the “control” videos because they teach you basic control of the medium, how to spread, apply and blend watercolor paint. The techniques in these 5 videos will make up the mainstay of what you need to know and practice to paint with confidence.

Misc. Techniques

11-15: 4 videos on other miscellaneous but important techniques to learn in your painting development. Here the videos get a little more random and far from being all inclusive. This section will hopefully expand as time goes on.


16-19: These 4 videos demonstrate features of specific brushes that might be helpful in deciding what brushes to buy and use.


20-23: 4 videos dealing with colors and color mixing. I’m just getting started on this section of videos, so look to see this part of the list expand in the future.

Inspiration and Motivation

24-26: 3 pep-talk videos to inspire, motivate and get your artistic enthusiasm moving forward. These were produced very randomly, so more may surface in the future as I think of them.

If you think of other videos on topics you would like to see covered that might fit well in this beginner’s playlist, I’m open to suggestions. I will open the comment section in this post below so feel free to leave suggestions.

26 Video “Basics” Playlist

Sketching Fail? Yes and No!

fail_sketchIf you saw the video in this post, my remarks beg a simple question – “Did I fail?” Well, for me the answer is yes and no. Many who commented on YouTube were gracious and said they thought the building sketch turned out great. And while I appreciate that, there is a deeper teaching moment here. If you’ve watched my other videos, you’ve heard me say it before. “Embrace failure as a teacher.”

Was the Sketch Good?

This is a different question than, “Did I fail?”  Ask 10 people differing in skill from master to beginner and you’ll get 10 different answers. Its really far from the point of failure or success. So… what am I saying? What is my teaching moment? I thought you’d never ask.

Set Goals and Reach High

When you’re learning (and that includes 100% of us), study other artist’s work. Reach for ambitious standards. As you do, you will quite often say with me, “this was a failure”. Get comfortable with it. You’ll say this a lot if you’re learning. And others may never understand what failed. So be it.

Set Failure on it’s Ear

Once you’ve come to terms with the failures, its time to redefine your work. This takes some analysis. As a beginner, you may not even know how to fix what you’d like to fix. Keep learning everything – technique, color sense, media control, process. Bit by bit you’ll understand what you can do differently. Redefine your “fail” in instructive terms just as I did near the end of this video. It was an awesome day, with awesome weather, and an awesome subject. The bonus? I learned something and I’ll always remember what it was when I look at that sketch. I tried a process that did not work well for me. Next time I’ll try again only differently.

Will I fail again? I’m counting on it!

The MoWC Goes Patreon

Hi Minders,

patreon_logoIts always been my goal (and dream) to eventually become a full-time YouTube creator for The Mind of Watercolor. Patreon is just one more avenue by which this may become a reality. I love how supportive all my viewers have been through their avid viewing and encouraging comments and its been even more humbling to see how many of you have asked how you can contribute further to my efforts. Patreon is a way in which I can now give my viewers that option but also a way I can be more interactive in the process.

Depending on the level of support there are many benefits that allow me to connect and share with you my viewers in new ways:

  • Get all the MoWC news first before anyone else
  • Higher priority comment/reply activity between me and my patrons on every post
  • Early preview posts of upcoming MoWC episodes
  • Exclusive tip and techniques posts
  • Exclusive videos
  • Print, merchandise, and workshop discounts (when available)
  • Polls and voting for future episodes and/or workshop material
  • Print, merchandise, and workshop giveaways (at the highest tier)

The Minder Patron community, I hope, will become a special community of participants who not only share my passion for watercolor painting but also want to grow with me and share a special place in their heart for this channel.

Thanks for considering your participation and no matter how you support The Mind of Watercolor, you are appreciated.


Back to the Blog

Well, them bloggin times they are a comin’… back that is.

MIndofWCbubbleAs many recent comers may notice, my last blog post was nearly 2 years ago. At that time, I was just starting my YouTube Channel, The Mind of Watercolor. After a couple of test YouTube posts, I put the blog on hold. I wasn’t sure how or if I should integrate YouTube posts with my blog posts at the time, which were more focused on my freelance design and illustration business. In other words, with limited time and energy, WHERE do I focus NOW? The answer two years later is clear – The Mind of Watercolor and related subject matter will become the subject of this blog. Its no longer a matter of “if” I’ll make MoWC a full time pursuit but “when”. I’m not quite there yet, but it makes sense that my blog should now be a support for that effort. After a revamp of my web site and thousands of interested MoWC viewers (I can never thank each of you enough), this will become The Mind of Watercolor Blog.

Given these glad tidings, here are a few of the things you might expect to come to these posts:

  • A post for each new Mind of Watercolor episode released (naturally)
  • Feature “reruns” of old episodes, some with expanded commentary and possibly featured playlists
  • Viewer’s questions answered
  • Behind the scene pics, video and commentary
  • Sharing from my other social platforms that might have been missed (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Periscope).
  • General art stuff: news, sketches, tips, ideas, challenges, exercises, product reviews, helpful links, other feature art and artists, and whatever my silly little brain can come up with, yada, yada, yada!

As with my YouTube Channel, I’m glad to have each of you following me here. Subscribe by email in the sidebar if you don’t want to miss a post. If you use an RSS feed reader you should see that link in my social icons also in the sidebar. Now… on to a new chapter of blogging.

Happy Painting!